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Now available!

The Shuba Fine Art Collection

The long awaited Shuba Fine Art Collection of Rock photography is now available!  These beautiful works of art in the form of Giclee prints and Silver Gelatin prints are of the highest quality and materials making them excellent additions and stunning visual centerpiece to your collection!

Please review......thank you!

option 1

  Giclee Print is a canvas print from the original negative and is signed  by Mr. Shuba.  Stretching and framing NOT included. 

Contact Us to order / calculate shipping costs / questions. 

SIZES & PRICES include (standard shown here), but can also custom size up to 40 x 60....

  •   8 X 10 - $145.00

  • 10 X 12 - $195.00

  • 11 X 14 - $195.00

  • 16 X 20 - $295.00

  • 20 X 24 - $395.00

  • 24 X 30 - $495.00

  • 24 X 36 - $595.00

Giclee...(pronounced  "zhee-clay"  French)  is the process of making fine art print from a digital source using ink-jet printing and are of high quality that are often used in galleries and print shops to denote such prints.

option 2

Silver Gelatin Print from the original negative is of museum quality meeting the highest standards required by fine art collectors. Black & white matted with 2" (off white in color) boarder and is signed by Mr. Shuba.

 Contact Us to order / calculate shipping costs  / questions.

SIZE & PRICE - One size only...

  • 16 x 20 - $750.00

Silver Gelatin... is a development process by utilizing silver salts and gelatin coated paper and requires a highly skilled dark-room technician due to it's labor intensive processing techniques.




  Own a piece of history as these photographs are absolute MUST HAVES for any collector of Rock-N- Roll memorabilia.   

 ALL PHOTOGRAPHS that are in the gallery can be produced in the 4 options outlined.. 

If you are interested in LICENSING any of Mr. Shuba's photographs, you MUST Contact Us with your proposal.  

Thank you, ENJOY!

We accept the following methods of payment:

Solution Graphics

option 3

  8X10 Print Each photograph is hand printed, is a mint archive print from the original negative, signed by Mr. Shuba, are $24.95 each , see in the Gallery... 

option 4

  Oversized Print is first generation from the original negative via digital processing mounted on 3/16 black gator board and is signed by Mr. Shuba. - Frame or glass NOT included

Contact Us to order / calculate shipping costs / questions.  Please allow two weeks to process and ship..

  • 11 x 14 - $200.00

  • 16 x 20 - $250.00

  • 20 x 24 - $350.00

  • 24 x 36 - $500.00

All photographs and subsequent prints are copyrighted material of George Shuba.  All Rights Reserved.